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Deleted my "hamburger", can't get it back

Accidentally deleted the “hamburger” off my site and can’t get it back even with the original template to go by. The original looks like this

But I can’t get a pointed finger symbol that takes on the function of a hamburger - all I get is a link symbol. What widget do I add and how do I make it perform the hamburger function?

Can you recover it with the sites backups? You can find the backups in the site setting in the dashboard.

It has been gone for several days and I have made many hours of changes since then.

Drag in a new Nav widget and apply all your current Nav-style class. Should be the easiest…?


Not so easy for me… I have only been at this a few days and no matter how I try it comes out completely different than the original template and does not work. The only widget that I can find that makes any sense is a “navbar”, and so that’s what I get instead of a Menu Button. It also screws up many other elements on the page. I am going to need some step by step unless someone can point me to a help file that I haven’t been able to find so far. I sure wish I could just copy from one project to another…

You can try contacting the author of the template. Their contact is on the template’s page in the market place.

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