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Deleted Collections Keep Reappearing!

I’ve duplicated a project, deleted all Collection Items, unlinked everything and deleted a number of Collections.

I save my project and publish it…

But when I log back in, all those deleted Collections are back again!

When I deleted them I didn’t receive any errors since there is no longer any Collection Items.

How can I PERMANENTLY delete Collections?

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I have this issue at the moment also.

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Thanks @tom87

Has this always been the case or a recent thing? This is the first time I’ve needed to delete Collections.

This is the first time it’s happened to me. Seems like a new thing.

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Any help Webflow team?

Bumping this thread - I am having the same issue and it is very frustrating.


Thanks @Max_Richter

It’s really annoying when you’ve duplicated a project with 40 Collections but now only need 5.

Makes for messy working and confuses clients.

My problem is that it thinks I’ve reached the limit of CMS items on the Enhanced Staging site plan because I can’t remove the CMS collections that are empty and not in use.

I think this is the solution…

I reached out to support who said some of the Collection pages may still have connections.

After removing these connections, I was able to delete the Collection.

This makes it even more annoying in a way… Why allow me to delete a Collection if it physically can’t be deleted?!

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You’re right. Thanks for this. Must add that this only worked by manually deleting the elements on the page that were connected to the collection. Removing them via the ‘View Connections’ list meant the collection came back again.

It seems like the message that prevents us from removing a collection with connected items has erroneously stopped appearing hence us getting the same problem at the same time.