De-rounded corners when hover

hey guys,
so i’m trying to achieve an effect where the custom cursor, a black div block with 100% rounded corners, changes it’s rounded corner intensity to 0% and becomes a square, when hovering.

hope you can understand my question and maybe help me out :slight_smile:

best reguards, bennet

hi @bennetg you will need a few lines of custom code to achieve this with mouseover or mouseenter

here is simple example

all your changes to custom pointer can be in changePointer -fn-

sorry, i quit don’t understand your sketch. maybe i wasn’t that clear with my problem.

hope this graphic explains it better

hi @bennetg all I have post is a principle you should use. I didn’t want spend time on creating a custom pointer. All you have to do is to use event listener and add your animation to change corner shape. You will need a custom code for it. :person_shrugging:

oh ok, sorry my bad. thank you for your idea, i will try to use it.

no problem @bennetg the issue is that you want change corners roundness and for this you have to use custom code. WF integrated animations doesn’t offer option to do that as the offer for “no-code” has limited options of properties that can be changed like color, size etc. and WF variables do not support it either.