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I am building a restaurant website for a client and he has obviously got a booking form on the site. I know that the webflow forms are relatively limited at the moment but found that I can add a browser defined date picker by overwriting the webflow id type=text to type=date.

I can only do this by manually overwriting the code after exporting. Does anyone know how to make this edit within webflow so that when I update the site I don’t have to keep manually changing the field. Wouldn’t be a problem but the way the site is set up there are instances of the form on every page so would requite multiple edits.

Hello @Golden28,
Take a look on what @AlexN did by just using few lines of simple embed code

There is pretty good date picker and many other useful parts of form widget.

Hope it helps,


Hi sabanna,

Thank you very much for this link. I saw AleN’s post regarding the embed forms a while ago but didn’t realise he had made a site where I could dip in and extract the code. Most helpful.

Thanks again :grinning:

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