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Datepicker in Webflow


Have read a few old topics on the forum about date pickers in Webflow, but none of users seems been able to integrate one into Webflow. So I’m just haning out a question regarding this: Has anyone had any success with date pickers attached to a contact form lately?

I posted this the other day.

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Cool! But is this only for the possibility to see all those extra fields under the “Forms” tab in the Webflow Dashboard?

I am not sure I understand the question. If you follow the instructions you will have a date picker in your contact form the information submitted in the date picker will be sent to your dashboard and to the email you have set up with the form.

Okay, is that date picker made so it will pop-up as an overlay? Because I can’t see it when i view the published site:

An arrow appears when you hover over the field and when you click the arrow the calender appears. This is how the browser renders the html5 date input type.

Yeah, okay! It only works in Chrome for me though, not in Safari…?

yeah there are still support issues with HTML5 input types.

Yes, apparently. It’s a cool trickery with the native Webflow form and its good to save it for the future until the supports for it get better. Or even better…when Webflow make different picking options native and widely supportive!

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