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Data stored on a server in the EU?

In regards to GDPR and our clients’ requirements, we need to make sure that the data about our users is stored on a server in the European Union.

I saw many blog posts about GDPR and the effort done by webflow team in that direction, but I couldn’t find the answer to that question.

Could someone confirm that webflow gives the opportunity to store the data about our users on a server in the European Union and not in the US?

Thanks a lot

Thanks @Vincent I read this article already. I found some useful information in this post: Webflow & GDPR | Hosting in EU + Privacy Statement needed

But still I don’t have the answer about data being stored on server in the EU. Maybe I missed this information or is it not answered anywhere?

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As far as i know, data is currently still stored in the US.

I have the same question. It would be very difficult to convince my EU clients to host in the US. Any updates planned?

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Same problem :sweat: Any news ?