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Data Processing Agreement

Hello Guys,

I have a boring but important legal question. The company I am working for is based in Germany / Europe. Thus we underlie the data privacy regulations of the EU. I order to be legally compliant we need a data processing agreement in place with every company that processes personal information.

Since Webflow is getting personal information thru the forms, I wonder if anyone of you got such a agreement.

Thank you all for your kind help,

Check out Hubspots DPA.

I don’t recall Webflow having such a document.

Thank you, that’s what I already found for Hubspot. But that does unfortunately not solve the issue with webflow :confused:

To all others interested in this matter…

I hat a really good and helpful email conversation with a webflow teammember.

There is such process in place in the moment like hubspot, google or mailchimp has it. But they now about the compliance issues and are on it.

If building an email list is your concern, you can use mailchimp. Email addresses get routed to mailchimp directly without getting into forms data in webflow.

Happy designing

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