Cyclical Slider

I am trying to make a cyclical slider for my Wine collection page.

I have attached an image of what i want the slider to look like. At the moment I have just added the slider element to the page but I am not sure how I could approach this. I want the buttons to slide through each bottle and eventually if i keep clicking the right button to come back to the very first bottle creating a cyclical slider. Any tips?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

hi @Hayate_Gekko on forum is many examples with exact carousel. The best you can do is to use SwiperJS

and here is one example but on “CodePen” is many others

hi can you be a bit more specific on how to implement this since i am fairly new to webflow? Is there like a tutorial i could follow or do you have a link to another forum which has something similar to this?

HI @Hayate_Gekko It’s okay that you’re new to Webflow, but this task is related to coding. I’ve provided a simple example and the source. You’ll need to read the documentation for this library and implement it as custom code in your project. I’m confident there are many written and video tutorials available online.

What research have you conducted on your own so far?

not done much research at all. Do you have any recommendations on what I should research about?

Sorry that it was to you not clear enough @Hayate_Gekko. In your favourite browser search for SwiperJS carousel. I believe you will find beside Swiper documentation also many examples to learn from.

Another option is to hire developer to create it for you.

Good luck