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Need Help Creating Custom Slider

I need help creating a slider where the images slide in from the right-side but piece of the next image is shown before hand (like in the above screenshot)

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The Basics Of Creating A Custom Content Slider

There are several plugins for WordPress that enable content sliders on your WordPress site. In the mix, there are some very useful and handy ones. Dynamic Content Gallery, WP-Cycle
, and WP-Rotator are three excellent slideshow plugins that I have used and are in my go-to list of WordPress plugins. That said, there always seems to be something that I don’t need or that I wish I had in one of these plugins. That’s when I look to writing my own custom slideshow tool using some WordPress code, CSS, and javascript to do exactly what I want.

There are three steps in this process:

  1. Write the query to grab the content. This is a custom Loop. Nothing really fancy there.
  2. Write the CSS to style the content.
  3. Include and write the necessary javascript to make it behave the way we want.