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Customize Webflow Scrolling Offset


I’m looking for solution for dynamic change of scroll offset when select section from navbar.

Now I have navbar that initial appearance is 100px but after hero section it changes to 60px. When I want to navigate to other section from hero part scroll offset is set to 100px even when navbar size has changed to 60px leaving 40px space.

I know about custom attributes like data-scroll-time or center a section with data-scroll but maybe there is something likedata-scroll-offset?

Any ideas?

Thanks, Piotrek

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Google it. You have a lot of tricks for Offset of anchors.

In my opinion the easiest way is link to anchor with top padding and thats it (its like “offset” for the user - and the nav wont hide the text).

If you want another offset for one specific case try to use negative margin in this section. Or relative with negative.

Her you find some tricks:

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