Custom Variant field

I have a collection where I store my products, now my products has different variant. How to create a variant field for my custom collection
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Hi @Raj_Ravi

I think you have already accomplished this by creating a second CMS Collection (Product Variants) and having a Multi-reference field within the Books collection linking to Product Variants then displaying the Multi-reference field within the Books template.

I know from your previous post you were wanting the 3 Add-to-cart buttons hence the Books CMS collection but you would be better off having the Books collection as an eCommerce Product, that way you can add the variants to the product. It would save you a lot of time linking to which product has which variant and jumping between collections etc. if you were to add more products. You can then duplicate the item within the eCommerce products so it has the variants added already.

I tried creating a variant collection