Custom scroll speed on section

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for a way to speed up the scroll speed on a specific section of my website page, precisely the horizontal scrolling section as shown on the screenshot. As of now, I find the scroll time through this section a bit too long and choppy. I crawled a bit through forums but can’t quite find the solution for my issue. If you guys have any ideas, let me know.
Thanks in advance !

Here’s the published URL : Home V2

Here is my site Read-Only: link

Have you seen this method in the forums?

edit: disregard my suggestion. I missed that you needed the horizontal scroll to be faster. have you tested moving the endpoint to say 40% or 50%? Or some other combination of start/end points?

It works but the animation is stuck at 40% and I still need to scroll a lot to see the rest of the page. I’ll see if there’s a way to tell the animation to stop at 40 and proceed to the rest of the page. Thanks mate.