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Custom Open table design integration

Hi, I was wondering how do I go about integrating this restaurant booking system (Open Table) with this design.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @oliviasu, thanks for your post and great question.

The OpenTable reservation widget is a custom integration, so the first step is to get familiar with the instructions for their Widget:

Using those instructions on how to configure and add the reservations widget to the site, you will end up with a code block provided by OpenTable.

This code block can be placed in your design page using the custom code embed element, learn more about that here: Custom code | Webflow University

Note that Webflow does not support custom code, but most integrations work fine when placed into an embed, take a peek at other integrations in Webflow: Webflow integrations | Webflow University

I hope this helps to get you started :slight_smile:

Im aware of the opentable widget and LIMITED customization. I was looking for the community to actually let me keep my design for booking and still integrate without using Opentables branded widget. And there is really not much information out there but it seems like a function that is asked about a lot and used a lot since a lot of designers work with restaurants.