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Custom mouse cursor

Hi, I am trying to follow this tutorial: Use a custom cursor
but unfortunately it’s not working for me, anyone has experience with a custom mouse cursor?
Whan to use gif, png or jpg (maybe svg if its possible) instead of a regular cursor for all pages, maybe “image” change on links.
Thanks a lot for any help.

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Hi, the code on the topic you’re linking absolutely work. See my today’s post for udpate:

If it still doesn’t work for you, answer in the thread and provide a read only link to your site:

1 - On your site’s dashboard, click the Share icon:

2 - Generate and Copy the link:

3 - Then edit your post here, and paste the link inside.

Hi @vincent, thanks a lot, it worked, I was just adding a wrong class. :slight_smile: Thanks, agan!

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Good :slight_smile: enjoy your fancy cursors :slight_smile: Pro tip, the end of your cursor, the part that clicks, is the top left corner of the square image.


Hi @vincent
I can’t seem to get this to work - know this was from a while back - does it still work? Thanks!

I was having the same problem but I was putting the code into the custom code section of the dashboard (head code). I tried putting the code in an embed component on the page itself and it worked! Just means you have to do it for every page…

If you are applying to the body I had to put a div container inside the body to apply the styling too… I just named mine .body-wrap

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@nnd78 did you get it to work based on @studio-sachs 's suggestion? I tried all of the suggestions and it still won’t work for me.
edit: studo-sach’s suggestion did work after-all! one of my quotation marks was just wrong. Thank god for this forum :laughing:

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