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Custom Modal for CMS items?


I’ve created separate modals for my ‘read more’ button, but when I customise one modal it changes all the others and makes them the same.

I think it’s something to do with the ‘only affect siblings with this class’ but I’ve watched various tutorials, tried various things, but still can’t figure it out for my particular set-up…

Would be so very grateful for any help!
Thank you, Lal

Hey @Lal

A few things you need to take care of.

  1. Your modal can’t be outside of your CMS if you want it to be specific for each item, structure should go something like this:

  2. Update your animation " open modal" to affect siblings with that class rather than all elements with that class.

  3. Add fields into the cms which you will use for Modals heading and parapgraph

  4. Should be finished by this step, let me know if you are having any issues, cheers

Wow. I’m so incredibly grateful - thank you!
That has basically worked.
I really appreciate your time! :blush: :dizzy: