Custom made list items

Hi there!

I would like to change the list items. I have this site which is an example site. Here are custom made bullets. If I copy them into my project, it does not work. I also tried it via custom code:

This does not work either…

THANK you for your help!!

The way @vincent did that was adding a background image to the list items. :wink:

But I shouldn’t have! I’m just lazy and I hate styling lists bullets. :slight_smile:

The url mist be a complete URL, with the domain and all… if it’s an image you have in webflow, grab its static url from the assets manager (lil icon on top right)

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Thanks. I tried to do this, but ist does not work…

What is wrong?

I also tried to do this, but I only can change the background from the text in the list, but not the list item itself…

Here’s my mtehod:

awesome! that works! :grin: