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Custom google map

Hey guys,

I’ve managed to get my website to load google maps using CMS locations of our offices, but I would like to be able to style the map a little. Specifically I would like to remove some of (or all) of the other local businesses tags from the map, and perhaps greyscale/desaturated/our corporate colour palette (#71acb2).

I just want a nice, clean, minimal look with our business and transport hubs/locations displayed.

I’ve searched the forums and tried several custom map making websites, all with varying degrees of failure.

Here is the current map:

And the read-only link:

Any help would be much appreciated.


Something like this perhaps? Google Maps with Snazzy Maps theme hooked up to a dynamic embed and dynamic fields

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That’s perfect, and it’s worked well too however when I click on the location “tag” on our office, none of the office details come up?

I’ve published the changes, so you should see what I mean.

What’s the error in the console?

Sorry, what error do you mean?

Hello Macker!

I think, our Store Locator, based on Google map will be the solution for you: (the link is to the online demo).

Our widget will allow you to: put unique markers, set routs, customize the map (change colors, layout, and elements), create cards for your markers and many more.

If you got interested in this app, see a tutorial for installation: (no coding skills needed and it will take just two minutes).

Thank you for reading this! I hope it will help!


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