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Custom Fonts Not Loading in Designer

I’ve added Muli Regular and Muli Bold to my custom fonts. However, only Muli Regular loads in the designer. This is my share link to view my sight.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I had the same issue.

Delete both of the Muli fonts and add it again, but make sure you are adding both font weights at once.

Eventually, you should have one entry for Muli with both font weights. If that makes any sense.

Don’t worry about having to apply the fonts to your text elements again. As soon as you readd the font, elements you have set the font for are going to have it applied.

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Hey Chris, thanks for your help. It was a bit of trial and error, but got it to work with your suggestions.

Turns out Muli was somehow loaded into the pre-loaded Google fonts that are standard for every project. I find this odd, because even though Muli is a Google font, you can’t select it from the dropdown menu. Rather you have to upload it manually.

Long story short, I didn’t see the font added there, and my assumption is that it was overriding the fonts I’d uploaded. But once I deleted it and my custom fonts and then added them again, it worked.