Font weights not loading

I’ve set up my fonts through Adobe fonts and have enabled several weights. However, all of the weights aren’t showing up on Webflow. Any tips on how to fix this?

Here is my site Read-Only:

@MeganBH I am assuming the font is Utopia-std, I went in your projects and I saw there are several variations of that font all at different weights/styles. Can you specify which exactly are missing?

@chris_loggins Yes, I’m trying to get Utopia to load. I’ve tried loading several versions of the font from adobe to (display, standard, subhead, caption) see if one of the versions was the issue specifically.

Here is view for Utopia Display in Adobe fonts web project:

And here it is in Webflow:

I should have 6 weights but instead have two, and looking at this, the font weight names in Webflow don’t actually match up the font weight names in Adobe.

@MeganBH this is definitely strange, I have not encountered anything like this using Adobe Typekit. It does seem like the font associations are mixed up though. So what to do? Can you try deleting the kit you made then recreating using only the fonts / weights that will appear on your site. I’m not sure if this will help but it’s worth a shot.

@chris_loggins Thanks, glad to know I wasn’t overlooking something obvious. I think the idea of starting a new web project in Adobe is a good idea, maybe it just needs a fresh start :slight_smile: