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Custom Dropdown Nav Bar - Issue when hover

Hello webflow geniuses!

I know this must be something simple to fix but can’t get my head around it.

I created a custom dropdown nav bar (2) with interaction so that when hovering over “services” on my main nav bar (1) I have this second nav bar (2) appearing.

The problem are:

1- When the curser stays on nav bar (2) while scrolling down, the nav bar (2) moves as I scroll

2- The same problem happens when I hover over the nav bar (1) when I am not scrolled all the way on top of the page…

Hoping my French makes a little sense I’d love some help @webflow :wink:


Ps: my site URL is
Ps 2: from what I read on the forum I had to create a div inside a div but still having issues…