Custom dropdown menu opens behind other elements rather than pushing them down

read-only link: Webflow - WRAPUSA

I created a custom dropdown for the main menu of a site I’m working on. I went with a custom dropdown so I could make the dropdown content the full width of the viewport. However, now that I’ve added more content below where the dropdown opens the dropdown opens behind the new content. I want the dropdown to push down the content below rather than it’s current behavior. Thanks for any help in fixing this issue.

Looks like an issue with your interaction. try this

Using “packaging content” as my example. Start by removing the hidden property on this element. Then, go into the interaction and make these changes:

Open action:
• only use the size property. You don’t need hide/show
• set the first part of the action to “set as initial state”
• the height begins a 0 and ends at “auto”

Close Action:
• reverse the open action: start height at “auto” and end at 0
• set first close state with a duration of 0sec.