Custom Domain from Bluehost/Wordpress Hosting to Webflow

Hi! I have a question about connecting a custom domain to Webflow. I studied the process using the docs - it seems pretty straightforward (Manually connect a custom domain - Webflow University Documentation)

My domain is registered with Bluehost. I used their WordPress hosting to create my website a few years ago. Right now, I’m planning to migrate the entire website to Webflow. Everything is set up, and all I need to do is use my WordPress domain for the new website.

My question is: do I have to disconnect the domain at WordPress and Bluehost first before I edit the DNS settings? There are a lot of records on my DNS, and I worry editing it would create some problems during the migration process since all other records have IP addresses that point to WordPress, etc; Or is it alright to leave them as is and proceed with the migration?

Thanks for your help

Here’s the process I use.