Custom, Conditional Form Creation?

Hello, I have a client who would like to include a custom form on their website whose input fields are conditional based on the input selections they make. Is this possible to acheive, either through interactions or custom HTML?

Here is a gerneric example of what I’m trying to accomplish:

Form Question: How did you hear of us?
Possible Answers: A) Google Search B) TV Commercial C) A current member referred me
If they select choice C, then an additional text field would be required for them to enter the name of the member who referred them. If they selected A or B, they could submit the form/continue with any additional questions.

Any and all insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Quetra

Yes you can add conditional form elements using interactions.

like this:

Also see this post here:

Hope this is helpful.

Best of luck,
Anna K

Hi Anna K,

Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance! Much appreciated. You don’t happen to have the link to that example you provided so that I can view it in the designer, do you? That would be very helpful if so. Thanks again.

Hi @Quetra

This is the share link. The page is called Conditional Form elements

And this is the live site.

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