Custom Code Causing Text Flicker on Page Load

The text on my website is flickering on page load.
After stripping all content from the site, except one line of text (which still flickers) I am pretty sure the flicker is caused by about 40 lines of custom code which is placed within a style block.
The code looks like it relates to responsive font sizing.

Two questions I’d be very grateful to receive help with:

  1. Is text flicker just a normal side effect of implementing responsive text sizing - i.e. is this something I should just live with?
  2. How should I go about fixing this - is there a straightforward tweak required to the custom code or should I hire a new developer to work this out for me?

The stripped down page (which still displays flicker) is published at this link.

The associated read only link

Many thanks,


And if you move your style block to the top of the page what happens?

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The code had been in the footer code section.
Swapping it into the Head code section appears to have fixed the problem.

This is amazing; that glitch had been really bugging me.

Many thanks Jeff for point this fix out so quickly.

You are welcome. Have a nice day!