Custom CMS Carousels/sliders [clonable]

Hi all I have just published first clonable custom carousel/slider. This component is CMS based.

Have a fun :wink:

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I have just added another custom CMS slider (no dependencies)

Have a fun :wink:

Today I have took a challenge to create custom slider with as less custom CSS code as possible. I used different (simplest) JS to achieve functionality and dynamically create numbered “dots” navigation, keyboard navigation etc.

The result is here

I have to mention that I didn’t aim to make CMS slider as I have tried to challenge WF build in options to create something simple.

I have found that WF doesn’t offer link for images to be able add images stored on different services that offer more privacy and extended functionality for media. Of course there can be used embed but… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:
So in this slider are images fetched from Unsplash via CSS background-image: url()

Another pitfall I had to face was unordered list. After dots were generated there was padding left 40px set I had issue to remove even I have set “All unordered list”. This mean that WF apply these styles only on already list in page abut not for dynamically generated. Not big deal as custom CSS solved this.

So finally I had half of CSS done by WF GUI and half with Custom CSS. Not big deal IF there will be option to see whole CSS code in one place without needs to jumping between GUI (searching scrolling clicking) and custom code in editor.
This is only developer opinion as many other users will be happy with this code split.

My WF GUI challenge conclusion is that even while WF is not too bad is still not there where we can say that WF is the best tool on market. :wink:

Hi Folks to finish my week of custom sliders challenge here is last piece. This is another advanced CMS sliders/carousel with extra functionality.

Have a Fun

I have published improved version of product slider.

Have a great weekend