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Custom Accordion

Dear there…

From where can i get (Custom Accordion) ready to copy/past in my project.
I want to use it & i want to double check its anatomy and setting, because i could not do it by myself & nobody helped me to know the mistakes i am doing.

Who can help me Plz.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Here you go

Thank you so much Samliew,

But it seems like i could not clone it with (Starter Free Account)
Is that right??
Because it keeps asking me to verify my account to clone it & when i want to verify my account it gives me that my account is already activated.

Any Advice ???

For account verification issues, please contact support

Thank you so much, i contacted them & they fixed the issue

Thank u … (Accordion Dropdown) is working perfect, But it looks different than (Custom Accordion) with different Technique.

Check this out if you want to copy n paste:

The Digital Bakery by @Aaron :grinning:

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Thank U So much … you’ve just made my day :+1:


Hi, I’ve cloned the custom accordion created by webflow. I can’t get it to work on mobile correctly. It is either too long for mobile portrait or too short for mobile landscape. Any suggestions?