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Use accordion code

Hi, I am new with webflow and have done my first site. Now I need to add an accordion to the site. I found this code here:

Now, how can I use this code for my project? first of all am I allowed to use this code and second how do I get this code copied into my project?

thank you and regards

Well why should you not? Maybe dont copy it 1:1 but you can get the basics and facts and use it for your project…Its all done with webflow’s native elements…so go for it

Thank you. But how can I get the code from one project to the other. Maybe a simple question but as a newbe I have not figured out jet how to do it?

You cant. There is no possibility yet to copy / paste objects or elements from one project to another.
Look, learn, rebuild is the only thing you can do.

Concerning this example you can clone it (so its in your dashboard) but you still have to rebuild all the elements that are in there.

Its not that hard, but tedious.


Hi @casi800 I actually made a tutorial on how to build an accordion on your site using the dropdown element :smiley:

And you’re more than welcome to clone that site to practice with it. :smiley: