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I am trying to create a tab where when it is current it is visible when it isnt it is hidden. it seems every time i click on it and try to change the visibility it immediately goes back to the current state then acts. then when i remove that combo class of current state all changes seem to be removed. this is my project. the tab im trying to change is the numbers tab in top left corner. any help would be great but there does seem to be a bug here

here is my project \

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Hey @Hobbitrock83

I don’t see a tab element. Where I can find it?

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Hey Piter

well its not actually a tab its a link but i just cant seem to do anything concerning its opacity unless its on current. its for the numbers in the top left corner on the side panel. i basically want 01 to disappear then ill a great a 02 and so forth if you know what i mean?? sorry not being very clear

It will help if you provide at least a visual here in the forums. Take a screenshot showing the issue and provide info on where to find it (element type, class name, etc…). People want to assist; you just need to make it easy for people to follow along.

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hi there webdev

yeah i was going to to do but because it was being so awkward i genuinely didnt know which part i should take a picture of.

i have however figured it out. what i needed to do is make sure the item wasnt on currently and make changes blind. it was very awkward and clumsy but it did the job in the end.

this is what i was after, as you can see from the link below i wanted the number in the side scroll bar to change depending which tab it was on. was a lot of messing around but i got there

here is the link

thanks for your help. this forum is brilliant for the support it offers

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Ouu great @Hobbitrock83 !

Happy you found the solution! Closing the topic :webflow_heart: