Current link not showing in sub-directory on self hosted site

On the self hosted website the current link is not showing any color (current class) on pages in a sub-directory (pages in folder). However, it does work within the Webflow environment.

Self hosted site - see main menu

Webflow site - see main menu

Does anybody know what the problem is?

You forgot to mention that you are using custom code, and where you got the code from, and share the code here.

I suspect it’s either due to the additional /at/ folder, or the html extension at the end. If it’s the latter, you can configure your server to remove the extension.

I am not sure to what custom code you are referring to. I have a JS script to show/hide the navigation on scroll up/down but nothing which would affect the internal page linking.

My issue is most likely because of the /at/ folder and/or the html extensions. For some reason I am not able to remove the html extensions through the .htaccess file following the instructions in this thread: Internal links change to *.html after code export

Still, I don’t understand why putting my site in a sub-directory would cause this issue by not highlighting the “current” state.

This is what detects and makes parent page links current when in a subpage.

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Ok, I think I remember now adding that piece of code…

So, what this basically means is that I need to remove the code if I self host the website and that code is only needed to correctly display the “current” state in Webflow?

Btw., if I remember correctly I actually used the code from one of your suggestions regarding the current links etc. found here: Current pseudo classes on sub pages

Maybe I am missing something here. In addition to adding the code, do I also need to follow your suggested steps:

Move the parent pages back to the root (no folders).

/services - Parent page with link in the menu
/services/services-page - Child page in the subfolder, subfolder has with same slug as parent page /services

Re-publish your site.

If possible maybe you could take a look and let me know what kind of adjustments I need to make in order to highlight sub-pages when the site is self hosted. As mentioned before, everything works fine in the Webflow environment.

The problem is that on the page “”, the hyperlink is “arbeiten.html” which is not found in the current URL.

I already mentioned the solution above.

These are the keywords you need to Google: “htaccess remove html”

I tried already removing the html extension without any success. It seems that many people have problems with this.


var Webflow = Webflow || [];
Webflow.push(function() {
  var curUrl = location.pathname;
  $('a').each(function() {
    $(this).toggleClass('w--current', curUrl.indexOf($(this).attr('href')) != -1);

It works great on Webflow hosted sites.

But it does not function when the site is exported~

Any idea how to modify it?