CSS selector help: add a tag within a class

Hi, I basically just have a feature request: being able to ad tags within a specific class like

.sidebox-text p { color: #666; }

This was previously posted years ago (but the post is closed):

Just wondering why something so basic like this is still not possible to do in Webflow, or am I missing something?

This would help me a great deal (instead of having to add a class on each p instead, because the global p styles need to be overwritten), just for dynamic CMS content reasons only.

I searched around to find the right place to add this request but couldn’t find anything so I’m posting this here.

Veerle P.

Hi @Veerle

The Rich Text field allows you to do this. Not sure if that’s of any help in what you’re trying to achieve.

Also, if you want to request a feature, there is the Webflow wishlist.

Hi @Smith-Cordell ,

Thanks and sorry for my very late reply (somehow I didn’t get a notification). I see what you mean, but then this p style is adapted for “all” the rich text fields. I need to be able to style more specific for 1 particular paragraph text.

E.g. in my situation: I have a side column and I have a main column with p text. In the main content the p text takes up 75% of the total width. With this style set it affects the text in the side column. In the column it needs to stay to “auto”.

I’ve searched a bit deeper and found this video in this thread which helps:

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