CSS & HTML Help! Not responding to size change

Hi Everyone!

I’m a newer Webflow designer and I’ve been having some issues with HTML and CSS. For starters, when I’m on the homepage, and I shrink the page the heading in the hero section doesn’t respond to the shrinking of the page but other elements do. Here is the link if you want to check it out: Webflow - Natalia's Groovy Site

Any suggestions?

Similarly, on the About section the quick stack doesn’t respond well to shrinkage either. If I go to phone view the 4 images just squish together instead of only taking up 1 box per section if that makes sense.


Thanks so much for the help, really appreciate it!

Hi @jessie

You will need to manually adjust the your sizing of elements as you go down the viewport breakpoints, for instance, your Heading is set to have -209px margin on Desktop view which then cascades down through the smaller viewports.

You need to set the Margin to 0 on Tablet viewport to bring the Heading back in to view. This will then be set to 0 on any smaller views and so on.

You’re the best! Thank you so very much! Really appreciate the help!