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CSS Filters available within interactions

Hello All,

Just a request to add the new CSS filters to the interactions menu to target effects dynamically. As they currently exist, they are simply static changes which could easily be done in photoshop. The only advantage for them at this point is hover effects. I truly hope adding them to interactions will be possible soon.

Keep up the great work team!


Yes, this would be a great feature that I am looking forward to and hoping for as well. :wink::blush::grinning:

:+1: Same here! Great idea!

Yes definitely.
Some color filters are funny (grayscale), but probably end up doing them with photoshop normally? Not sure yet…
The blur us awesome, but not really. Maybe in rare ocassions where you want to blur big pictures for certain effects.

What would be really awesome is blurring interactions! From blur to sharp, or from sharp to blur. Waiting for it :wink:


I was hoping for that when I read the blog post.

Because you can combine CSS filters, apply them on interactions, and add them to any element, there’s all kinds of creative ways to put CSS filters to work in your websites.

Hope it come later.

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Nice catch, didn’t see that. Then they definitely should be coming soon.

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Would like to see this aswell. Would open up much more cool possibilities!