Creating comparison and Alternatives pages from CMS collection

Hi all,

I have a website where we do in-depth reviews of decentralised brands and tools.

We’re finally happy with the detail in the reviews and you can see an example here - Binance Review - DecentReviews

The above linked page is a review for Binance, a crypto exchange. What I would like to also create are comparison (or VS) pages along with an alternatives page.

For example…

Binance vs Coinbase


Top 10 Binance alternatives has some good examples of what I’m after in terms of the focus if not the content.

The content for those pages is easy enough to create from the existing CMS entries. However I’m struggling to figure out how to link everything through the CMS.

I’ve added a read-only share link below for you to have a butchers.

Here’s a little more info on the CMS organisation.

Right now all of the reviews are under a CMS collection called reviews. This encompasses all categories such as crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, Insurance providers, wallets, lenders, research tools and more.

Within that collection, they’ve been added to different categories based on the use case of the tool.

I’m not a WebFlow expert so wondered if I would need to separate the different kinds of reviews into their own CMS collections. So one for Crypto exchanges, one for marketplaces etc.

Would be a pain in the arse as it would mean I’d have to amend URL structure, but if that’s the only way to get these VS and Alternatives pages done then I’ll have to do it.

Any help on how to create these through the CMS would be greatly appreciated. Also happy to offer payment if someone can help action this although we’re super early stage and working on a tight budget.