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Dynamically created pages from objects in CMS

Hey all - I have a site where I review products, each of which have their own object in a CMS Collection.

I wanted to create comparison pages which will essentially be taking the content from two different reviews and comparing them in one page.

What’s the best way to do this programmatically? If I add a new entry to my existing collection, I’d like to automatically create new pages that compare it to the existing reviews.

This can be done with the API, but I’m wondering if there is a no code way. My intuition tells me Zapier, but I’m wondering if someone has figured out a good solution to a similar problem!

Hmmmm… I’m wondering if you can’t just put 2 collection list elements on a static page and filter them?

That could work - so basically have two drop down lists and people can pick which two to compare?

The problem is SEO - I’d like these comparison pages to exist and rank for "“xyz vs abc”