Creating a site similar to "read the docs"

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone had any on advice on how to make a website with the cms that has a layout similar to this sort of thing.

Where you have categories on the side, and nested pages for different bits on the side.

I was looking for examples of somebody attempting something similar, but can’t find anything. Perhaps it’s not possible without nested CMS collections.

You should be able to by using reference fields as shown in the image below:


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Thanks! I’ll give it a shot!

If that doesn’t suit what you need you can always use It’s great and it’s free. I only say that because they have certain tools in there (like H1 & H2 Indexing for example among others) that you couldn’t do with Webflow currently. You can however still create a doc site with Webflow. I just don’t know exactly how extensive you need it, which would really be the determining factor.

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What I’m making is more a small scale tutorial site, but i wanted to use this style of layout because of the clear progression it has. Thanks!

So even if it’s a bit janky i’m happy if i can make it in webflow.

Yeah, if the nesting isn’t as deep. You can definitely achieve this in Webflow! Just get creative and have fun doing it! :slight_smile: