Creating a Player Like the University Player

Hi -

I’m trying to create a player like the University player

Is this made in webflow?

Is there an easy way to create multiple videos and list them after each other?

Bonus points if you can auto-load each video to play after the other (and/or allow a “intermittent” video to play in between).

Any help?

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Hi @mrimpossible

I think it’s ‘possible’ to do this in Webflow…pun intended :wink:

Most (if not all) of the Webflow marketing/education sites I believe are ‘Made in Webflow’

Looking at it without delving deep into code, it looks like the videos are a Youtube embed for each page, and the playlisting order will be set in Youtube.

Next to the Youtube embed i’m guessing is a custom built menu linking to each video’s page - if I had some spare time I would try and recreate!

How would you make the videos auto-advance?

Adding &autoplay=1 at the end of the Youtube ID should work, see here for embedding a playlist (adding to the end of the playlist URL works):

Just to note, that would start the video as soon as the page loads (also plays in the designer) not always desired behaviour - will the user expect it?

An alternative would be to add the URL into a lightbox, so it only starts playing (in the lightbox) when a user clicks to do so…

Hope that helps?

Is there a way to do this if you’re not using youtube as a host?

Like does WebFlow have any of these capabilities built-in?