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Creating a new website

Hi, new in the forum, looking to create a new website with the help of webflow,
Actually I have already a website in PrestaShop , and I am looking to start another website in Magento.

My question is that can webflow help me to build an ecommerce Magento store.

Webflow can help you make HTML/CSS/JS pages. Now with appropriate skills, they can be turned into templates for CMS like Drupal, Wordpress, most probably Magento too. But it is unlikely you’ll find help or knowledge on how to do that here on this forum.

What you’re looking for is rather “how to turn an html page into a Magento template” (and google probably has an opinion on that).

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I use Magento for my ecommerce shop and now using webflow to build the content within the homepage and a magento theme for the header and footer, etc Initially this didn’t work since there were CSS conflicts with the Magento theme but after stripping out unnecessary WF css such as body CSS and some H title tags all is good.

As Vincent said converting a full WF Site to a Magento Theme that’s a lot more work but I’m sure you could hire a good freelancer to do this.