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Creating a job board

Hi, i want to create a jobboard where multiple clients can put in the job specs and it automatically adds to a webflow page. Is this posible? Preferably free options.


Yes, this is possible using Zapier and the Webflow API!

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Thank tou for this, do you know what plugin it is in zapier? I was looking but not sure i found it. Also when you say webflow api, what do you mean by this?
Thanks very much for your help

The trigger is a form submission in Webflow. For the action you’ll need to use Zapier Webhooks to post data to the CMS using the webflow API (

I can help you with this in case you need some guidance!

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Hi Bas,

Really appreciate your help. Means a great deal. Im still learning webfliw and practicing building out my site. I will try and work through it. If i run into any hurldles i will reach out to you.

Again, im very grateful for your help.

Thank you