Create primary, secondary and more variables

(NOTE: I thought I remember this being possible and did some research (global swatches or something), but it doesnt look like it was implemented or maybe it was removed. If there is a workaround for this, I would love to know.)

It would be awesome if you could set primary and secondary variables to attributes; like SASS. In a late development decision, I decided to change my primary and secondary colors to something else and had to go through and change it everywhere those colors lived. It would be amazing to be able to make quick changes like that on the fly just be changing the set primary, secondary, etc. variables.

Ex: something like this

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What is possible right now is:

  1. drag a basic DIV BLOCK onto the page
  2. Create a classname called “primary”
  3. give it the styles you want it to have
  4. delete that classname from that element
  5. give that DIV BLOCK a new classname of “secondary”
  6. give it the styles you want it to have
  7. delete that classname from that element

and so on…

Styles are saved in your styles manager even if you delete it from the DIV BLOCK

then apply that classname anywhere you need :smile:

hope this helps