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Create multiple hover elements

Maybe I can not find the right result because I use the wrong keywords. What I’m trying … I want to create a hover that changes the background of the div + fonts. At the same time of course.

With Selector -> States -> Hover
I can only determine one element. With the element trigger under Interactions - also no success. What am I doing wrong?

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Select another element in the viewport, then click on “+” to add an action. This action will target the selected element. There is also an option on right click on an action block to redefine the target of the action, by either clicking on a new element in the viewport or in the Nav tab.

That helps for one element. That wasn’t the question. Unfortunately that doesn’t help. I want to put a hover on * several * elements.

I understand, what I meant is add one element after another, in the same block of actions running together at the same time. Several actions grouped together performing the same or different actions, on one or several elements.