Create Hierarchy Tree UI

I need to create a hierarchy tree UI that enables the user to add an item to the tree from within the tree itself.

Click on a parent item within the tree to add a child.
A drop-down box opens up beneath the parent item.
Fill in a text field and press submit.
The new child item is created under the parent item, and is indented 2-5 spaces.

Next, I want each level to be expandable/collapsible by clicking on a > to the left of the parent item.

Finally, I need to be able to click on a parent item and move it and its children to another spot within the tree.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Is there no one who can offer any suggestions?

I’m still looking for advice on this.

No way by webflow UI (Or any other CMS/builder). Custom JS & CSS code: You should implement 3party JS library - such as:

(See under “demo” -> Basic AJAX demo - same as your req). The problem in your case you should somehow to save the client changes (In some database) - so you also need backend code.

No way to give you the answer by Forum Q. From what i know jsTree is the best plugin for this mission. Maybe search for a freelancer.

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Thanks for the advice!