Webflow site that is like Google Docs

Hi, I’m wondering how it would be possible to make a Webflow site that acts like Google Docs, where it’s an online site that has Templates or an option where you can start from scratch and the user on the site can upload their own images, add text titles and subtitle texts, basically an online graphic maker to make TREATMENTS for possible clients of Video creators to show their vision visually of what they will create for their client, sort of as a vision board.

Can Webflow sites be made interactive, where there are placeholders for images, text, etc that the user can upload to, to customize their own TREATMENT… and then they can export it as a .pdf or share as an online link with their prospective client?

If it can’t be done in Webflow, is their a 3rd party plugin that can work with Webflow… or would all have to be done as Custom Code…and if so, what should I google to make the webflow site/page interactive.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

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Webflow is powerful and you can add many feature with 3rd parties applications and features, but it’s mainly made to create WEBSITES.

Google doc is an APPLICATION.

It’s two different things that requires a very different server side approach.

Webflow could be used to design and develop parts of the UI of the application you’re describing.

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thank you, Vincent. Do you know which No Code app could make the app side of it? There are a couple I have at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t remember them at the moment… I just googled… Adalo or Bubble.io?

No. it’s pretty heavy and should be developed by experienced developers, and also constantly maintained, I guess. Not something that’s cheap or easy to do. It’s pretty ambitious.

Webflow is a website that makes it possible for users to create websites without any programming knowledge. Just drag and drop elements onto your page to build your own unique design.seeing 333

I sense you’re trying to be cheeky, but really that word websites seems to confuse people. I’m a systems engineer, so that makes me chuckle a bit.

A website is about as similar to a web application as a car is to an airplane… and by that metric, Google Docs is a space shuttle.