Create a Video CMS w/ vertical Swipe (similar to TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts)

Is or was anyone in this Forum able to recreate
a video portfolio in the style of TikTok / Instagram Reels / YouTube Shorts?

I‘m trying to figure out things like
> * Autoplaying only when visible in viewport
> * scroll snapping to the next/previous videos via swipe gesture
*> * Videos implemented via CMS with Vimeo-URL *
> * vimeo videos in vertical (19:6) format on mobile - which means the button for the audio on/off must be located within the viewport.

I saw lots of possibilities, from, Swiper.js to finsweet attributes but I don’t know which is the best route to make it work.


The closest Cloneable i found is the
Red Panther - Tikflow Clonable

But its not CMS and the videos are only showing a muted preview instead of the fill video with sound.

Anyone? :pray: any input appreciated