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Netflix style thumbnail slider using CMS

Hey all!

I’m currently in the wire framing phase of a website for a videographer. I want to do a netflix style slider of thumbnails for his videos. Like this:

I also need to make this a dynamic collection so the client can use the CMS to add the videos on his own.

Before I present this to the client, I just wanted to ask if this is possible or if someone has done something similar? I know that the slider function currently doesn’t integrate with collections. But, I was wondering if this might be possible with the new Interactions 2.0?

Thanks for your help!


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Cool idea, although I have to point out that Netflix’s slider is 100% width, and doesn’t have the category name on it’s left, so in your case it would be more complex.

Most likely this is only doable using custom code. Example of something similar I did is

Feel free to use our Freelance category, Alternatively, you can also contact specialists in our Experts directory to custom code a solution for you.

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