Form submission from a CMS page


I’m trying to set up a landing page system for one of our websites. I think I got everything except handling form submissions.

I’ve set up a CMS field that holds the redirect URL (this would be unique for each landing page), and I would like to redirect a landing page to this URL when the form is submitted. I don’t think this functionality is available in Webflow (I found this wishlist link). Could someone please tell me if there’s a way I can achieve this using custom code?

Thank you so much!

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Hey @rkoomera

I’ve made something similar for a client project some days ago.

What they have is ebooks landing pages and each ebook page has a form that needs to redirect to specific page CMS thank you page, but since the form redirect field can’t be bind dynamically, we need to think of another solution. Thanks to dynamic embeds I think I’ve made it!

Check video >

Piter :webflow_heart:


This is awesome! Thank you!!!

Hi @PiterDimitrov
I am trying to achieve this. But your link is not working. Can you share what you’ve done to dynamically redirect to a specific dynamic page after form submission


Hi Piter,
Any chance you still have that video?

Looking everywhere for a solution and I cant find anything up to date.

Hey @PiterDimitrov,

I was wondering if you had the video also or maybe a better way to describe what you did.


Hello @mwilson12

I will document the solution again and share the link here.


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Thanks so much!! I appreciate it!

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Hey @mwilson12

I have provided an answer to a similar question. You can see it here > Create a form that, once submitted, redirect user to a specific (dynamic, CMS defined) URL - #3 by Marien

Let me know if that works :webflow_heart:

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That would totally do the trick.

A work around that I did since I didn’t see this cause I forgot to come back was:

  1. Create a separate thank you page
  2. On submit go thank you page with a query parameter
  3. The query param triggers the redirect back to a hidden thank you page on the collection item page.