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Create a Facebook / forum type website

Hello, I have been approached by a potential client to create a Facebook style website where people can like / comment / share etc., Is this possible in Webflow? It feels like it would be a huge undertaking. Other key consideration are volume, the FB site has 11k followers and is hugely popular with thousands posting at the same time (her words). Security is also key as the site is dealing with a highly emotive subject and there are some out there that would want to sabotage the site and send horrendous hate messages to those involved (I should add that it is a totally legal subject). Advice most welcome please. Thanks you.


It’s not possible with Webflow alone. My best tip is to design the front end in Webflow and the work with a developer to do rest. There hundreds or thousands different ways to achieve this with different technologies depending on the project needs.

You could check Firebase out though. I found this thread today, check it out.

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