Count users realtime by different topic Categories

Hi Webflow Community,

I am trying to implement a following case and seeking help from the community.

I have 4 categories in webflow CMS.
A user signs up and start with Category 1 and once he is completed moves to Category 2.

I want to count the total users in each Category within CMS.

Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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The basic concept is simple, but the implementation involves some creative design and scripting. There are a lot of details that are important here too, specifically,

  1. where and how are you showing the counts
  2. what memberships system are you using ( or what user identifier )
  3. how have you implemented the category completion gate

Personally I’d work backwards from the goal, which I’ll guess is to have a CMS collection containing categories, and counts. That makes it the most accessible in your webflow-hosted site.

All new users would +1 to the “category 1” count.
Every user completing a category < cat 3 would -1 to their current cat, and +1 to their next category.

You can do those CMS updates internally using Logic, a hidden Logic-bound form and some creative scripting.

You explained my thought exactly working backwards, Mike.

I am not super familiar with scripting and I appreciate some help on this if possible.

I can create a collection and since webflow doesn’t allow user login/sign up/membership option. So i was thinking of some integration.

If you can suggest me the right integration and along with the script and how I can apply it, I will be very thankful. Thanks so much in advance.

There’s a fair bit of development work there, and some R&D since logic is in BETA. However I think that’s your easiest path.

The main thing is you’ll need to nail down those 3 questions in detail, and build out most of the basic site features like that point of category-completion. Without those details, the solution can’t actually be designed.

Webflow Memberships doesn’t have the ability to get any user-specific information in script, or [yet] in Logic, so if you cannot wait for that, you’ll need another solution like Memberstack.

If you’re looking for a dev to help you build this, feel free to PM me.