CORS Policy blocked on Webflow (read a ton of other posts)

I have seen a bunch of posts about this but no clear answer. (see pic of all forum posts I checked out).

I am using a linkedin tracking pixel for ad campaigns. The conversion tracking is not working properly because of this error.

I messaged Linkedin and they said it is because is blocked and I need to manually unblock it. When I asked how I do that, they said I need to reach out to webflow for help on that.

I am looking for a solution to this and cant find one anywhere. Is this something that Webflow cant do?

CORS is something that should be set on the start server, in this case, not on your end on Webflow hosting

So this is something that is happening to everyone that is using Linkedin tracking and only Linkedin and fix it?

Your site is ?
If you look at the message, it states the problem pretty clearly…


No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

If I remember correctly, in the case of AJAX / XMLHttpRequests the server you’re requesting the resource from MUST now clearly permit the requestor’s domain access, or * to allow everyone. If they don’t specifically permit that, browser CORS rules will block your script requests to those resources.

So I’m not sure why you’re getting the error, and why linkedin is saying it’s your problem. The CORS header for their resources is controlled exclusively by them, and they’re not getting inundated with support emails from The Whole World… so I’d guess you’re doing something non-standard in your pixel code integration.

Are you installing the code using AJAX? If so, they probably didn’t plan for that, and without an explicit CORS header on their server, your approach it won’t work for you.

If that’s not it, my next guess would be something in the configuration of your pixel code is broken or mis-configured.

No idea since I don’t use linkedin tracking. But if your Browser asks data from a Server A (linkedin) and the browser blocks the call because the CORS header is not set, is nothing that is due to Webflow. Is Server A purpose to send headers to allow CORS for other domains, it’s not something that you can do from your browser, and neither has anything to do with Webflow server, since the call is from your browser, not from the server. As said by @memetican they are the only entitled to control the headers. So simply they told you the first idea they came up with and the support member has no idea how a browser works. Simple explanation here: Understanding CORS. If you ever worked with an AJAX call… | by Bartosz Szczeciński | Medium

This is very helpful on getting me that clear answer I needed. thank you!

Thank you! this helps a lot!