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Core Web Vitals - no longer passing


I always have a bad mobile page speed, but usually, the core web vitals passes ok. I checked today and it no longer passes. It looks like it’s failing on the Largest Contentful Paint. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it?

Here is the read-only link: Webflow - PHJ 2

Hey Han, this is a great question - One that I’ve been struggling with personally. I’m not certain what goes into this but I’m hoping commenting and putting some activity on this spurs some conversation on this :slight_smile:

Hi both, I have been specialising in PageSpeed insights with Webflow and offer a consultancy service for those interested. PM me if you are.

That being said, I have run the tests against your website, there is a lot of information provided by PageSeed. What you are seeing is to show

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<p data-w-id="60d582bc-420f-bc00-7a29-0a402e10e3e4" style="opacity: 1;" class="paragraph-465px heading-2">

it had to wait 8.0 seconds for the other stuff you have to finish.

If you stuff things on your website you must always think how to delay or lazy load. If that fails, weigh up is it worth it verses the performance hit taken.

You require 40 file request to show the initial viewport on your mobile.

Bonus tips, for the font used to display the LCP change it from swap (yes I have scanned the page) to fallback. Remove as many interactions as you can and use the most efficient one. Some require huge amounts of code.

Great, thank you for this!
I will try some things and see if it makes a difference :slight_smile: