Core vs. Freelance --> what functionality do I lose if I switch?

Can someone please advise regarding workspaces? I am currently on Core.

I am using Webflow for my own startup project(s). What features will I lose if I switch to Freelance workspace? Is there ANY functionality that is NOT available in Freelance? E.g. do I get access to the free library components? Or that’s only for Core? Or any other issues?

From my point of view, I even gain functionality if I switch to Freelance as I will have full access to full CMS on unhosted Test projects. While core does not have that, and costs more.

Their plans are so confusing, and I am not sure why Core is more expensive than Freelance.


:wave: +1, exact same question. It’s been a while - what route did you end up going @Istvan ?

Hi guys, here’s another +1. SaaS startup about Content Curation. in Switzerland. Exact same question.

We’re running two “CMS” sites, one for ourselves (Sales/Demo), one for one of our clients. We currently have two “Core” accounts.

We have built an API integration via Webhook to push curated articles from our system to Webflow. Took some iterations initially, but now works robustly for our Sales/Demo instance.

Now, another client who wants his Webflow to integrate with our API, has invited us to their Workspace. But we need to upgrade/sidegrade to the Freelance account.

And my question is the same as yours: What would we lose?

It looks as if we wouldn’t lose anything of relevance by giving up the “Core”, but given Capitalism and all, I find that hard to believe. Plus, the dialogue in the conversion workflow explicitly states:

“If you convert an existing Workspace, you may lose access to some files based on the new plan limits.”

(The page linked at “Learn More” does not provide any information that would to actually learn more about that specific fact.)

:wave: +1, had the same question. I already switched, because I needed the multiple guest-workspace feature. But I am still unsure if I have lost some other function for it.

Anybody found further information about this question? I’m confused too.

This is a response I received from a Webflow staff member when I asked about their Freelancer workspace plan offering more CMS functionality for a slightly lower price when compared to the Core workspace plan.

"You’re right in saying there is a not great difference between them and that the Freelancer offers more for less

In the future, the Core and Growth Workspace plans are likely to get more features specific for the types of organizations that use them to differentiate them more, but at this time, the feature gap is narrow.

I would suggest starting with the Freelance Workspace Plan, if your main goal is to be able to work on more than 2 unhsoted sites and have most features available to you."